As Spring Approaches

March 31, 2018

“‘Now that the growing season has started are there any ornamental plants I can grow that my chickens can benefit from?” There are a number of garden ornamentals that make great grain and seed providers for your flock come the autumn, but put on a stunning display during the main of the growing season. Sunflowers […]

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Bag Your Chicken And Separate From Other Foods To Prevent Food Poisoning, Warn Officials

November 26, 2014

Food Safety Advice


Bag Your Chicken And Separate From Other Foods To Prevent Food Poisoning, Warn Officials. – as spotted in various newspapers today. Processors are trying to reduce the likelihood of campylobacter infections in kitchens across the country

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Scottish Television on the hunt for urban pig and poultry keepers

November 21, 2014

Calling all our friends North of the Border


Is that you? It could well be as I know quite a few folks who read or follow this blog fall into that urban farming category.

To cut a long story short I’ve been contacted by Will Steel of STV via Jane Perrone of The Guardian (ok, ok, name dropping… did I mention I was on Countryfile the other month? I did? Oh well my apologies) and he is developing a programme about people who have chickens and pigs in their city gardens.

As such he’s looking for anyone who has chickens in their city home who he could potentially contact about the programme? At the moment he’s just looking for some stories but you never know, this could be a fine opportunity to show your flat pack farm or backyard Bonanza !

If you are interested then contact Will directly

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Backyards, bias, and botulism

July 28, 2014

Great article Andy, about a very worrying issue.


I read with interest this week the report in The Guardian of an undercover investigation into the UK poultry industry. It exposed some ‘dirty secrets’ of the process and offered some insight into the problem of campylobacter infections that over 250,000 Britons pick up each year.

It reminded me however of a piece I wrote a couple of years ago which seemed to slip by the popular press regarding poultry litter and botulism. Not in humans this time but in ruminants instead……

” Towards the end of 2012 there was a flurry of media activity regarding a report written in 2010 on the risks to the poultry industry that the inexperienced backyard chicken keeper presents. I was quoted in The Guardian as having said something along the lines of it’s not the risk the backyarder presents the industry but the other way around, and whilst that ‘sound bite’ attracted comments of…

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Quick Tip – Checking for Red Mite

July 4, 2014

A great way of spotting Red Mite early


Ok, the web is littered with commentary on red mite and how to deal with it. The crux though in my experience is catching it early. Spot it early on and you have half a chance of defeating it…. let it go unseen and you will rue the day, and so will your chickens.

If you are new to chicken keeping then you may not yet have encountered the poultry keepers Nemesis, the Red Mite. You may however have read all about it and have a good grasp of the pain in the proverbial it can be but unless you have actually witness the cigarette ash like droppings they leave, or that microscopic tickle as they crawl over your arm or through your hair, then you might well not know whether mite is there or not.

So grab a handful of drinking straws, tie them into a bunch and then…

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Sultan Growers Coming Along Nicely

June 21, 2014

Now aged about 11 weeks the Sultans are coming along very well indeed, though I think they are going to impossible to keep cleanImage

Filming with Countryfile

June 21, 2014

Look out for this on your screens on July 20th I think


I’ve been watching Countryfile pretty much since it started on a Sunday lunchtime back on the 24th July 1988. Why? Well I’ve always had an interest in the countryside and farming. In fact was grafting as a farm labourer back then so it’s always been one to watch for me.
The programme brief has changed significantly over the years and whilst those changes might not be to everyone’s taste it does cater for quite a wide ranging audience reflected in the fact that it got moved to a prime time Sunday evening slot back in 2009.
So why the blog? Early this week I actually got to spend two days filming for an episode due to be aired in July of this year and the conclusion I reached is that my impressions of what it must be like to appear on such a programme were way, way wide of the…

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The ultimate egg cup?

May 20, 2014

What a great article, although it has nothing to do with pizzas


Now there can’t be many people, even those with little or no interest in chickens, that won’t heard of or seen the Eglu produced by Omlet.  In fact so iconic is the design that there is one permanently exhibited the Victoria and Albert museum.  Furthermore to celebrate 10 years since its creation those constantly inventive individuals at Omlet HQ have added another product to their ever expanding range of poultry paraphernalia; and to be fair, it is in fact an essential piece of kit for any chicken keeper unlike the somewhat bonkers hi-vis jacket released last year. Fair play, it put the Omlet name Egg cupabout the place but I can’t say my birds liked wearing it as the video shows.

The Eglu Egg Cup though takes it all one step further. Not only is the holder for the soft boiled chuckie egg made from a scale model of the Eglu…

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And here we are on iPad

August 18, 2010

Yes indeed let’s see what all this word press fuss is about yeah

Blogging from the iphone

November 12, 2009

Just a quick test to see of it works

Dominos pizza St helens